A Kano Soul ðŸ’š

Those who know me will know all about The Kano Foundation🍀My heart, soul and inspiration.

I started volunteering with The Kano back in 2018 and instantly it stole my heart. The team welcomed me in like family and I am eternally grateful and blessed to be part of such a special group of people. The Kano Foundation, established in 2010, has lifted over 10,000 kids over the turnstiles of Celtic Park. It’s a “modern day lift-over”. The Kano Kids go home head to toe in green and white as every child receives a goody bag with a Kano branded hat, scarf, juice and sweeties. The highlight of my week is capturing so many ” first glimpses ” of Paradise on camera. How blessed am I? To witness the magic of a child’s first experience of Glasgow Celtic every weekend. The most exciting part, besides witnessing the mini green brigade belt it out behind the goal posts, is the friends you make from all over the world. It’ll never lose its excitement and sometimes I need to have a wee word with myself to take a wee breather every now and then. We’re all volunteers with day jobs, university and families yet we all find ourselves texting at midnight working on all things Kano. I have did many all nighters, I’m talking 12 hours straight with lots of sweat and lots of tears into Kano projects and I would not change it for the world. Nothing gives me this much joy.

“I have a season ticket but I’ve never had a night like this”

– A Kano Kid from Tir Conail Harps, 13th February 2020.

” When I was 10 the Kano brought me to a game with my school, I’m now 21 and thanks to you guys I’ve now bought my first Season Ticket at Paradise”

– Kano Kid

The team is made up of our trustees; Mark Kingsman, Joe Mackin, Pat Griffin, Gillian McCaul and Brian Ainsle. Our match-day team; Neil Murphy, Paul Griffin, wee Sarah and big Sarah, Sean-Paul Murphy and Kevin Moon. Our phenomenal fundraisers and ambassadors Teresa and Tommy Gallagher and an ARMY of Kano supporters all over the world. I have learned so much from each and every Kano soul💚

Thanks to my involvement with the Kano I now also write for More Than 90 Minutes, a fanzine edited by the mad and brilliant Andrew Milne, I was nominated as a grand finalist at the Evening Times Community Championship Awards at the City Chambers and I’ve made so many special friendships. One highlight that will never leave me, speaking to 60,000 Celtic fans on the pitch at half time. I love all the team like family. In fact, they are family. However, I need to give one man an extra special mention. Pat Griffin. Pat took a chance on me 3 years ago, he believed in all my mad ideas and he gave me the confidence I never thought I had. But most importantly, he’s a friend and Pat if you’re reading I love you so much.

You know the saying, Celtic Soul? Well for us, its a Kano soul. We’re all connected by our Kano souls.

Erin 💚

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